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Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom Blueberry Bushes shipped direct from REAL blueberry farmers. Only $10. DiMeo Farms ships $1.95 Blueberry Plants all across America. One call. All your answers on growing organic blueberries from America's #1 Source for Blueberry Plants. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905

Month: June 2018

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Grow Organic Blueberries is Easy with DiMeo Farms in Hammonton, New Jersey

DiMeo Farms grows the best, BIG bearing blueberry plants and sells + ships direct to all types of blueberry growers of every size. Even small backyard gardeners looking for a blueberry bush for their backyard berry plants garden. We can ship direct to you at low wholesale blueberries plant prices. Take a ride out to pick-up bigger, better blueberry bushes direct from our 102 year-old family blueberry farm or we can ship ultra-heavy bearing Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom blueberry plants direct to your door for less. Many sizes of blueberry plants available. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 and discover why DiMeo Farms is America’s most popular source for the best blueberry plants from our NJ u-pick blueberry farm and popular blueberry plants nursery in New Jersey that can show you how to grow organic blueberries in large pots or in your garden with expert advice from www.DiMeoFarms.com

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Growing Organic Blueberries Tips – DiMeo Farms Blueberry Nursery Family Blueberry Farm in NJ

Blueberry Picking in South Jersey at DiMeo U-Pick Blueberry Farms

DiMeo Farms now has over 86,000 LIKES on our DiMeo U-Pick Blueberry Farms Facebook page from families across the tri-state region who love to buy blueberry bushes and pick NJ blueberries direct from our popular New Jersey blueberry farm. Year after year, families make their annual summer traditional ride out to DiMeo’s Pick Your Own Organic Blueberry Farms in Hammonton New Jersey where they love to pick the best tasting organic blueberries. You can also buy nice $10 blueberry bushes for sale now with blueberries on them already. Plant blueberry bushes now to enjoy fresh picked blueberries in your own back yard and save money like these two mothers did for their families that LOVE DiMeo U-Pick Farms. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to schedule a SAME DAY blueberry picking appointment or pick-up berry plants.

Blueberry Picking in South Jersey at DiMeo U-Pick Blueberry Farm

Anyone that has tasted our NJ blueberries will tell you that they are the best tasting blueberries they ever had. Thats’ because we know what blueberry varieties to grow and know how to naturally allow the blueberry to taste so good. Give us a call (609) 561-5905 to buy blueberries direct from our New Jersey blueberry farm. Our New Jersey blueberry season prices are the lowest you will find and our blueberry quality is simply the best. Thank you for buying DiMeo blueberries that can be on sale now at various stores across the New York City region. We greatly appreciate your business. Thank you: www.DiMeoFarms.com 

The best tasting blueberries in the world

Pick NJ Blueberries at DiMeo’s PYO Blueberry Farms in New Jersey. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to schedule an appointment to pick blueberries at the most popular pick your own blueberry farm in New Jersey. There is a reason why people prefer our better tasting heirloom berries!

Ask any parents that have been to DiMeo’s PYO Blueberry Farm in Hammonton New Jersey and they will tell you what a great time their kids had picking blueberries straight off the blueberry bush there is no better tasting better than right off the bush. You can pack a lunch and have a family picnic in the Pinelands Forrest that surrounds our gorgeous blueberry fields filled with blueberries your kids will love. It was such a pleasure to host these two little girls who enjoyed the afternoon at our u pick berry farm in NJ. Join us with your loved ones. Get details and directions here: www.DiMeoFarms.com