Blueberry Picking in New Jersey at DiMeo’s U-Pick Organic Blueberry Farms in Hammonton is simply the best. Pick better tasting Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries for only $1.66 per blueberry pint for u-pick NJ blueberries fresh from the farm. DiMeo’s pick your own blueberry farm is super clean, ultra-upscale and beautiful that families often pack a lunch to picnic in along the Hammonton Creek that runs through the gorgeous NJ Pinelands forest region all along our New Jersey blueberry fields. The media featured DiMeo’s blueberry picking spot in South Jersey at our popular family u pick blueberries farm. We continue Great-Grandpop DiMeo’s 104 year-old legacy of growing the best tasting Jersey Fresh blueberries. Call (609) 561-5905 to pick blueberries in Summer 2021 or to pick-up blueberry plants at

People love picking blueberries at DiMeo's Blueberry Farms in Hammonton

People love picking blueberries at DiMeo’s Blueberry Farms in Hammonton

Our fourth generation family-owned you pick fruit farm is simply picturesque and the most amazing atmosphere.  CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to schedule an appointment first as we are by appointment only to make sure we are not all “picked out” before you drive out anytime in Summer 2021. New Jersey blueberries are now in season at DiMeo Farms and way better tasting heirloom blueberry varieties. Come to pick our locally grown NJ organic blueberries fresh from our NJ u-pick farm.

Blueberry picking at DiMeo Farms in New Jersey

Blueberry Picking in South Jersey at DiMeo Blueberry Farms in New Jersey. Only $1.66 blueberry pint

Pick way better tasting Heirloom blueberries in Summer 2021. Like many of our customers say it’s “worth the drive” to DiMeo’s U-Pick Blueberry Farms where you can pick blueberries and take home your own BIG bearing-size, ultra-heavy bearing Heirloom blueberry bushes for sale so you can grow your own Jersey Fresh blueberries right at home with organic blueberry growing tips from real blueberry farmers. We welcome NJ tourists coming to visit one of the most popular South Jersey tourism locations at

It's so much fun to pick your own blueberries at a real blueberry farm in Hammonton, New Jersey

It’s so much fun to pick your own blueberries at a family blueberry farm in Hammonton, New Jersey. We like to create long lasting memories at DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Families from all over the region drive hours just to pick blueberries at our family-owned u pick blueberry farms in New Jersey. We have some of the best blueberry plant varieties for you to enjoy. Big, sweet New Jersey blueberries that will fill your blueberry pints to the brim. In both these photos, above and below, we have customers with three generations of their family who spent a beautiful day on the farm berry picking together. Take a ride out to visit us. Details and directions for South Jersey blueberry picking at