The Internet is a great resource for reviews of timeshare exit companies, and you can find several of them at one place. Among these companies are Omni Ellis, Wesley Financial Group, and Seaside Consultants Group. These companies have a good reputation, and their websites contain plenty of helpful information about the timeshare industry. You can also find customer reviews and testimonials, as well as affiliate relationships with several reputable business groups.

Seaside Consultants Group

The Seaside Consultants Group has been around since 2014 and has a stellar reputation for negotiating timeshare exits for their clients. They offer a free consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for their services. If you qualify, they will develop a comprehensive case file highlighting deceptive sales practices and other problems with your contract. If you qualify, they will also discuss multiple exit options with you. It can take anywhere from one to 18 months to complete your exit.

The fees charged by the Seaside Consultants Group will depend on your individual case, but generally fall within industry norms. The fee will also vary if you have a mortgage balance on your property. While the Seaside Consultants Group may charge more upfront, they will often reduce their fees to get your business.

Wesley Financial Group

Wesley Financial Group is one of the top timeshare exit companies that can help you get out of your contract and save your credit. The company’s reputation is great and their services are very professional. In fact, you can get a free consultation with a Wesley Financial Group Account Director. You can also expect an accurate quote from them.

The company has a great reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has helped more than 12,000 timeshare owners. The company boasts 300+ employees and has a great track record in the timeshare cancellation industry. The company has received many positive reviews across several review sites, including Consumer Reports, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have closed 32 complaints in the past three years. This is a good sign as it means that this company is reliable.

Wesley Financial Group reviews of timeshare exit services highlight their high response rate to customer complaints and their high success rate in challenging timeshare contracts. This company is known for its dedication to customer service and does not subcontract out any cases to outside law firms. Additionally, the firm’s website boasts positive customer testimonials and has a low rate of negative reviews.

Omni Ellis

Omni Ellis is a timeshare exit company that does not have a great reputation online. It does not have a page on Trustpilot or Yelp, and does not have many Facebook reviews. It has received two complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Most complaints cite problems with communication with Omni Ellis, such as not returning phone calls. Other complaints mention that the company does not deliver the results promised.

Omni Ellis is not a good company to deal with if you want to sell your timeshare quickly and hassle-free. There are numerous complaints filed against it on various websites, and the Better Business Bureau has issued an alert about them. The BBB has given them an F-grade. Despite these complaints, Omni Ellis’ website still claims to be BBB accredited, and it also offers a link to the BBB website. However, this doesn’t mean that Omni Ellis is accredited.

Most of the Omni Ellis reviews online do not mention how much the company charges. The company can charge between $3,000 and $8,000 to sell your timeshare. Nevertheless, online reviews can be a good way to determine if a timeshare exit company is worth working with. Furthermore, they can give prospective clients an idea of how much the company spends on marketing and advertising. In some cases, companies will even pay individuals to post positive reviews on their website.