Parents drive hours to bring their kids to DiMeo Farms, a nationally popular family blueberry farm and blueberry plants nursery, to buy blueberry plants, so they can learn to grow their own ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries at home for FREE,¬†instead of paying all that money for those little “tiny half-pints” of organic blueberries at the supermarket or grocery store that will charge you up to $4.00 just for thin half-pint of blueberries, not to mention, some of those berries have high levels of toxic pesticide or fungicide residue on them that you really can’t wash off. Call DiMeo Blueberry Farms (609) 561-5905 for fast October shipping or SAME DAY pick-up at our blueberry farm nursery quote. We can ship our “ultra-heavy bearing” blueberry bushes to your door:

Growing blueberries is easy with berry plants from DiMeo Farms in Hammonton

Growing blueberries is easy with “ultra-heavy bearing” blueberry plants from DiMeo Farms in Hammonton. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 and we will take care of you. We can teach you how to grow your own organic blueberries in your home garden with our naturally grown blueberry plants and bushes. Pick Blueberries in New Jersey at our popular u-pick blueberry farms in NJ with the “way better tasting” heirloom blueberries.