DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery ships ultra-premium blueberry plants direct to your front door for less: www.DiMeoFarms.com and we feature many YouTube how to blueberry videos with blueberry plant pricing and many blueberry planting tips in order to grow blueberries at home in your own little blueberry garden. Please review it first, then call with questions and to get a quote on mail order blueberry bushes which can be shipped or pick up ultra-premium blueberry bushes at our New Jersey family berry farm. Call DiMeo Farms now: (609) 561-5905. We prefer a phone call instead of e-mails since customers have many questions about growing organic blueberries at home in their own backyard organic berry gardens.

Blueberries Plants for Sale DiMeo Blueberry Farms NJ

DiMeo’s Blueberry Farm & Berry Plants Nursery Dlr. in New Jersey

2 Year-Old Blueberry Plants (50 plant minimum) ($4.95 each) with some multi-branching, these are great for those starting a large blueberry patch or if you want to start a pick your own blueberry farm or just grow blueberries for fresh blueberry market sales. Most home-growers do not get these blueberries plants but, they buy the 3 year-old $10 blueberry bushes instead. No matter the size, all of our DiMeo Blueberries plants are the lowest priced berry plants you will find because you can buy direct from a farmer who understands not only the blueberry industry, but knows how to teach his customers how to get the good yields from blueberry bushes when they are planted using the DiMeo Farms old fashioned time-tested methods: www.DiMeoFarms.com

Blueberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo's Blueberry Farms in New Jersey

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3 Year-Old Blueberry Bushes (5 plant minimum) ($10.00) multi-branched, BIG Bearing-Size with nice blueberry root systems that should allow for limited or no blueberry transplant shock,  these are one step down from the mature blueberry bushes that home blueberry gardeners also buy and love. Average home-owner can order 10 blueberry bushes so that they will have fresh blueberries for eating, freezing blueberries and enjoyment throughout the year in many different blueberry recipes. They are the best priced blueberry bushes (for the size) in America. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 with blueberry plants questions. We have the best tasting blueberry varieties to choose from. Sometimes even  mature blueberry bushes like these below.

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Mature Blueberry Bushes ($25.00 each) Edible landscapers love these for edible landscaping with blueberries. Our price for blueberries bushes is really dirt cheap. These BIG Bearing-Size SUPER-SIZE BLUEBERRY BUSHES are the “Rolls Royce of Blueberry Bushes.” We can custom dig mature blueberry bushes for of our DiMeo Farms customers when we have them available. We don’t have too many left – so order now. Large wholesale blueberry bushes discounts are available at our retail or wholesale blueberry plants garden center in New Jersey. When you watch this video below, remember that these blueberry bushes were all tied up for shipping across America. So, it’s kinda hard to see the blueberry bushes all branched out, but they are gorgeous, healthy mature blueberry bushes direct from our New Jersey blueberry farm. Feel free to to our website: www.DiMeoFarms.com for official details on everything, as this website is just one of our blogs.

Always call DiMeo Farms first to confirm pricing and availability. Thank you for your blueberry plants business. We not only greatly appreciate it, but we truly enjoy hearing from and seeing many of you each and every blueberry season.