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CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to get fast Winter or Spring 2024 shipping quote, or to schedule an appointment to go blueberry picking in NJ, or to drive-thru pick up your organic blueberry plants order. Pick better tasting NJ blueberries at our popular pick your own blueberry farms in Hammonton, New Jersey or buy certified blueberry plants for sale. If you live too far away, then we can ship our ultra-heavy bearing organic blueberry bushes direct to your door. Ready to Fruit this Summer 2024. We prefer a quick telephone call so we can give you a fast shipping quote on our New Jersey blueberry plants as well as quickly answer all of your blueberry planting questions.

Remember, this is just our family blueberry farm blog, so be sure to always go to our official www.DiMeoFarms.com website first to get all official details and more recent updates. We greatly appreciate your business. Thank you.