One of the great joys of selling blueberry plants farmer-direct to the public is that we get meet so many amazing people, Here is 6 year-old Lola who recently finished six months of cancer treatments, both of her parents took an early retirement to spend time with her, she wanted to pickĀ  blueberries and get her own blueberry plant, she insisted on paying for it with her own allowance money, sometimes it’s the little moments that matter most, it was a pleasure to spend time with her, we won’t forget you Lola, all our love and prayers to you and your family, find out ceramic injection molding near me. Give us a call: (609) 561-5905 and we can help you learn how to grow blueberries to fight off cancer with antioxidant blueberries in your daily diet, our main website:

Fight Cancer With Eating Blueberries from DiMeo Blueberry Bushes

Blueberries Beat Cancer – Eat Healthy Blueberries for Antioxidants with Daily Blueberry Diet